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My name is Leopold Naessens,
I started my career as multi skilled operator in a Television company in Paris over ten years ago. I rapidly came to work on corporate films and branded content as a camera operator and video editor, while producing shows for web channels 
I moved to London in 2011 and became a videographer specialized in corporate films,  branded content and audiovisual tools for marketing agencies and video productions.



Zeb Achonu,

TV Video editor, UKTV


I've worked with Leo a number of times over the last few years and always found him to be meticulous in his planning, extremely competent in his work, calm and professional. His knowledge of the equipment and technology is impressive and he is quick to find solutions to any issues that have arisen.
I highly recommend Leo for camera work, self shooting, and
film making.



Neil Cummings,

Creative Director and Design Coach, WOLFF OLINS


"Leo is a real all rounder, a swiss army knife of the production world. He helped us out on numerous projects notably on Orange where he delivered high quality, compelling research films doing everything from location reccies to filming, to on-the-fly editing, translating and post production. Hands on, all action, great to work with."



Marie Clark,

Head of Marketing and communication, Design council


"I worked with Leopold on several projects, he's a very skilled cameraman and editor and a great person to work with."



Anthony Pricce,

Founder, Anomalous visuals


"Leo has worked on several projects alongside members of my team and is a skilled video production all rounder. His technical awareness and dedication to the craft are paramount to his success, always bringing a considered approach to content creation."


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